Leathern earth stretched too taut,
cadaver choked in its tolerated corset
itches abroad as it is annoyed,
abandoned, tossed on a dizzying deathbed.

With diamond thoughts mined
and desolate circuits lead-walled,
it clings with steadfast fist
to one last thing unlost.

Stars turn dark backs
on the sphere’s passive scars
frozen in cleaving screams of fissure,
openings portent for demons’ departure.

For calamitous experiments lent,
before disowned and turned gaunt,
it bowed toward an ill-advised
originator, now blackened dead;

an innocent cherub, for thrill of sin,
with good invention rebegan
the nth indifferent death of color
by peeking over her celestial shoulder.

Featured image: “Fireplace” by Dmitriy Bessonov,
digital painting.

Image used with artist’s permission