after ‘Pade’s Star’

after Pade’s Star, by Jenny Mellings

Larger stars
the jealous sun
hides down the well

each cold cell in constant alarm
wringing the brain dull.
Through a window

split into triptych
inspiring poison pours
until the ears of our eyes
acquaint with our bones

and open into echoed loops
sparking fuses
tapping far and deep.
Our bored fingers memorize

exploding brick horizons
redestructing music from
tatters of nightmare’s dream.

Heaven in the moon’s dark pocket
roars a yawn and fidgets in a straight jacket
forgetting the colors it tasted
while we mold wavelengths
in static pandemonium

square meals
square quarters
the rhythms beneath
which time molts wings
and mountains melt.

Featured art Pade’s Star, by Jenny Mellings,
chalk, printing ink, oak gall ink and mica/pearl lustre on watercolor paper,
136 x 100.

Used with permission from the artist.