in China

In China, 
on the subway,
when the train and platform doors shut,
if you’re pinched between both sets when the train departs,
you’re torn in half,
smearing blood and guts down the windows
while folks on both sides
read the morning news on iPhones.

In China, 
with minor mechanical adjustments,
become human meat grinders
which, if they had lips,
would lick them. You can see
their chomping teeth turn.

In China, 
people get revenge by 
dipping effigies of their enemies' pets
in boiling gutter oil before
blowing them up with leftover fireworks.
There is a mobile app 
that does this virtually
for a modest fee,
if you don't wish
to spend time
on cleanup.

In China, when it rains, 
umbrellas, yurts, and those weird-looking roofs
dissolve, and people’s skins slide off like blanched peaches.
Beneath them, you can see computer chips
flexing muscles and beating hearts.
The fish take to the trees
for what the river becomes.

In China, each child is born with 
a boxcar of textbooks, near-sighted spectacles, and 
a master’s of science in quantum physics. 
To accommodate this,
the vagina dilates so much 
the mother turns inside out.

Featured image: ‘Run!!!!!’ by Jan Schrijver.

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