for no reason

with half a brain

certain falsehoods contribute
to the greater good;

meddlesome truths
just get in the way
of their artificial obstacles.

The best science, stained
with speculation, leans,
its cornerstone set
in slow quicksand, while

the ever-stable steeple
(though built of contradicting tilts)
never dares waver
(though it’s able).

Don’t you think
the best decisions
are mostly heart and gut,

the hunch of justice
crouched to pounce
on weighing options?

Anything slightly impure
is a lure: mindblowing breadcrumbs
lead us back and
draw us in -

for no reason
could do as well
to ration our glitches
we demand be activated.

So this timeless tick -
our insatiable bliss -
gorges always at the trough
of necessary ignorance.

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